Dragon? Dinosaur? Godzilla? …It’s Cute Though!

Hey guys! I’m not late for this week’s update, so yay me!
But still, I barely made it XD I was going to update this morning, but I forgot! I thought I’d update this afternoon, but I had to go somewhere….
Oh well, at least I got to update, right?

Oh yeah I remember one of the main reasons that I forgot to update this morning is because bugs starts to appear out of nowhere in my house! and the worst part is my house only consists of 4 rooms (which is a very small house I know) and i was home alone! it was terrible. And by bugs, I mean cockroaches and scorpions! Just yesterday I stepped on a roach. Luckily I somehow didn’t squash it to death so those gross things and worms didn’t stain my feet nor floor (but still, I made a ruckus in the middle of the night xD). 

Okay! For this week I’m showing you guys something that I made a while ago. It was a gift for my nephew and I was kinda in a hurry so I can give it to him on his birthday. That’s why I didn’t have the chance to get my camera and take some awesome pics of it… such a shame, really. It’s really cute in my opinion, and it’s not that all hard so it’s perfect for really early beginners!

Photo on 4-30-15 at 9.03 PM

Speaking of mini male humans, do you have one that’s really close to you? like little brothers or something. I got sooo many mini humans as a family, and I usually got in charge of babysitting. That’s why I’m very close to them, though sometimes they can be very annoying and loud, I really love them~ (in case you don’t understand, I’m referring toddlers and babies as mini humans just because it sounds cuter and that’s just how I talk so deal with it)

Photo on 4-30-15 at 9.02 PM #2

So this lil guy I’m crocheting for, he’s 3 years old and he loves dinosaurs! I was going to make him a t-rex or a stegosaurus, but the deadline was in 4 days and I’m not that pro enough to make something completely new and a bit complicated with such short amount of time. Then I found this pattern, and thought that it’s cute and really easy also fast to make. It could be boring when working on the body, because it’s just a single crochet repeated over and over again for some rounds. (I admit I fell asleep few times when working on it lol!)

Photo on 4-30-15 at 9.02 PM

Yes, I know, what I made didn’t look like a dinosaur at all. Heck, I don’t even know what kind of creature I just made! (did I just sound like a regretting evil scientist?) It just looks like a green creature with blue spikes and cutely-angry face. But that doesn’t matter, as long as the person who receives it is happy, right? 😀

Last but not least, I got the pattern from Moogly, actually. it was Rawr! or something? Idk, I’m not too sure. I’m actually a bit sick (yes I’m a weakling I get sick a lot) right now so I can’t be on the computer for too long and search for the website. I got the patterns right here though! Also, I kinda tweaked the face part. I didn’t have safety eyes and I didn’t have white felt for its teeth. I only had a blue felt which I used for the eyes, because I thought it’d be cuter to use blue. And besides, it matches perfectly with the spikes and his tummy~

One last tip: if you’re too lazy to make the tummy part, just use a felt. I found it cuter, faster and much simpler than to crochet it. But it’s your choice, though!
Enjoy the pattern!



R1: 6sc in ring

R2: inc in every st around (12sc)

R3: sc in first, inc in next, rep around (18sc)

R4: sc in first 2, inc in next, rep around (24sc)

R5: sc in first 3, inc in next, rep around (30sc)

R6: sc in first 4, inc in next, rep around (36sc)

R7: sc in first 5, inc in next, rep around (42sc)

R8-24 sc around

(add eyes between r12-13 about an inch and a half apart and embroider mouth)

R25: (back loops only) sc in first 4, dec in next, rep around (36sc)

R26: sc in first 3, dec in next, rep around (30sc)

R27: sc in first 2, dec in next, rep around (24sc)

R28 sc in first, dec in next, rep around (18sc)


R29: dec untill closed FO

Feet (make 2)

R1: 6sc in ring

R2: inc in every st around (12sc)

R3-5: sc around

FO leave tail to sew

Sew flat to the front loops of R25

Hands (make 2)

R1: 6sc in ring

R2: sc around, inc 2 times randomly (8sc)

R3-4: sc around

FO leave tail to sew


R1: 4sc in ring

R2: inc in first, sc around (5sc)

R3-4: Sc around

R5: inc in first, sc around (6sc)

R6: sc around

R7-11: inc in first, sc around (11sc)

R12: sc around

R13-18: inc in first, sc around (17sc)

R19-20: sc around

FO, Stuff, Leave tail to sew.

Belly Patch


R1: 5sc across chain, ch1 turn

R2-3: 5sc, ch1, turn

R4: Skip first 2, 6dc in 3rd st, skip 2, ss

R5: sc around shape, FO leave tail to sew


Ch4, *sc in first chain from hook, dc in next, trc in next, ch4, rep from * untill you have 4 spikes

Ch3, *sc in first, dc in next, rep from * untill you have 6 small spikes, FO, leave tail to sew,

Sew from tip of tail to top of head.


2 thoughts on “Dragon? Dinosaur? Godzilla? …It’s Cute Though!

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    I was totally planning to take over the world in 2015, but that requires wearing pants, so I’ve decided to populate my blogs more and learn to crochet. Don’t make that face. These are noble quests.


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